Best Bleaching Spa in the UAE | The Muse UAE Boutique SPA
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It is a treatment to lighten the skin and complexion. The skin experts at Muse will evaluate your skin type and then decide how much bleach is best for you. We offer the best cleansing and facial in the UAE. Our bleach has anti-ageing properties that make your skin firmer and smoother.

Facials in the UAE are a technical process and experienced technicians must be hired to perform them. We have experienced technicians in facial treatments.

The Muse is the first Emirati salon and spa that aims to provide beauty services with a luxurious Emirati atmosphere in our spa so that our clients can feel they are being served from the comfort of their own homes. We are also one of the leading providers of facial salons in the UAE.

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    Bleaching AED
    Eyebrows 36.75 Whatsapp Call
    Full Face (Eyebrow Not Included) 73.50 Whatsapp Call
    Full Arms 84.00 Whatsapp Call
    Full Stomach 105.00 Whatsapp Call
    Full Back 105.00 Whatsapp Call
    Full Body 367.50 Whatsapp Call