Best Eyelash Extension Salon | The Muse UAE Boutique Spa
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Eyelash Extensions

Muse offers a premium lash lift and extension service in the United Arab Emirates. We specialize in individual lash designs for each eye shape. Whether naturally enhanced or glamorous, we can provide the style that meets your needs. Our experienced lash artists are well trained and qualified so perfection is guaranteed every time.

Why The Muse should be your go-to lash extensions in the UAE.

We are the first Authentic Royal Emirati Beauty Salon and Spa depicting the local culture in our
ambience so you will feel right at home. Our satisfied clients are the most prestigious celebrities who officially shared their comments on their social media pages. Whether you want an express lash extension, a complete set, or a Russian lash extension, we are always there for you. So sit back and relax, let our experts add glamour to your lashes.

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    Eyelash Extensions AED
    Full Set 525.00 Whatsapp Call
    Russian Full Set 630.00 Whatsapp Call
    Fullset Free Refill After 2 Weeks 682.50 Whatsapp Call
    Express 367.50 Whatsapp Call
    Eyelash Lifting 315.00 Whatsapp Call
    Refill (2weeks) 262.50 Whatsapp Call
    Refill (1 Week) 157.50 Whatsapp Call
    Removal (From Outside) 105.00 Whatsapp Call

    If you are planning an eyelash lift or eyelash extension in the UAE and this is your first time using this service, get ready for an amazing experience. You will be surprised by the beauty effect. You will feel like you wake up with all your makeup every day. So don’t wait any longer to beautify your eyes.

    Full Set:

    We have partnered with the best eyelash brand from top authentic brands to bring you the best eyelash extension services in the UAE. We offer a complete set of tabs. It looks natural and gives you the same effect as when you curl your lashes or apply mascara, giving your eyes complete beauty.

    Russian Full Set:

    Russian eyelashes are the new trend in the UAE. This offers something different from the classic but looks more glamorous. With classic extensions, you place one lash on each existing lash. With Russian eyelash extensions, a fan is applied to each lash with two to six lashes in each fan.

    Express Eyelash Extensions

    It might be an option when you try one of our eyelash extension services. Or it can be another option for your lashes if you already have full lashes and don’t need any more full lashes. It is an alternative to a full set of less lashes that can be applied to make natural lashes look thicker.

    Lash Lift:

    One way to think about a lash lift is like getting a perm. Unlike an eyelash extension, a lash lift simply changes the shape and colour of your natural lashes. It may occur to you that a lash lift has little effect, but reshaping your lashes gives you a more pleasant look and frame for your eyes. If you don’t get the eyelash lift service from an expert and professional, things can go wrong. Our highly trained technicians have been doing it for a long time. You can have it at your home comfort in the UAE.

    Eyelash Removal:

    The eyelashes are delicate and sensitive. Therefore, eyelash extensions should always be removed by a professional. When you don’t want to stop filling in your extensions so your lash extensions look their best, it’s time to take them off. In most cases, the extensions are attached with surgical glue that a beginner shouldn’t mess with.