Luxury Facial Salon for Ladies | The Muse UAE Boutique SPA
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“Great skin doesn’t happen by chance, it happens by appointment.”

Facial Treatments at The Muse

By giving our Facial Treatments to address the whole range of your needs, we are elevating you to a higher level. Our skincare products and skilled therapists’ professional facial treatments provide you with the most effective ways to maintain or improve your skin conditions.

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    Facials AED
    Marma Facial 420.00 Whatsapp Call
    Mini Facials 262.50 Whatsapp Call

    Basic Facial

    Free Deep cleansing, exfoliation with steam treatment, extractions, brow shaping, and a de-stressing massage for the face, neck, and shoulders are all included. A tailored mask, as well as frequent eye treatment, are followed by the application of moisturizer and sunscreen. This soothing yet effective cleansing treatment will leave you with a clean, fresh, and radiant complexion.

    Marma Facial

    The marma comes in a variety of varieties. According to Ayurveda, an ancient Indian holistic system, massage is one of the five ways of natural healing. Specific marma points or energy centers are employed in massage in Ayurveda to increase energy flow in the body, therefore rejuvenating it and preventing sickness and ageing.” Marma implies fragile or sensitive zones in Sanskrit. Marma Therapy for the face enhances the microcirculation that feeds the facial tissues while also toning the muscles that surround the Marmas. This has a number of apparent effects on your skin and complexion. In addition, it can help with insomnia, neuralgia, tired eyes from eye strain, sinus congestion, tension headaches, and jaw stress. Marma Therapy helps to eliminate facial muscle tension and is highly calming for the entire body.


    • Improvement of facial skin and muscle tone.
    • Muscle relaxation of the face and eyes.
    • Pain relief for tension headaches and facial pain.
    • Reduction of anxiety and stress.
    • Relaxation on a physical and mental level.
    • Face stimulation with meridian points.
    • Eye strain alleviation.
    • The correction of liver and gallbladder imbalance.
    • Neck tension relief.
    • Nervous system diseases are alleviated.
    • Premenstrual water retention is relieved.