Best blow-dry Hair salon UAE | The Muse UAE Boutique SPA
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Hair Blow-dry

The muse provided a professional blowdry in comfort, the secret to definitely looking fabulous. The best stylists blow-dry your hair according to your wishes, experts in both elastic and super-elegant styling. We use high-quality serums and machines so that you get the perfect blow-dry without damaging your hair.

Hair Blowdry has been a hair styling technique since the 1890s that involves straightening the hair for a smooth appearance. It became very popular with black women in the 1950s. It is done with a hot, relaxing chemical comb or iron. Also, some shampoos, conditioners, and hair gels can help keep hair soft.

Blow drying is a service developed at The Muse to help keep hair straight, curly, voluminous, healthy and styled for short, medium and long hair. It includes two washes, one with clarifying shampoo and one with heat protection shampoo. Of course, once your hair is clean and conditioned, we condition the hair after washing to prepare it for a wonderful blow-dry style. Our UAE’s Hair Dryer experts are experienced and well trained in brush control techniques. Taking into account your hair type, the condition of the scalp and your desired appearance, we will tailor the styling products that suit you best! Each aid is specifically tailored to your hair and we make sure each client leaves an amazing look and feel.

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    Hair Blow-dry AED
    Wash and Dry 73.50 Whatsapp Call
    Short Straight 00.00 Whatsapp Call
    Medium Straight 120.75 Whatsapp Call
    Long Straight 120.75 Whatsapp Call
    Add On Curl 52.50 Whatsapp Call
    Add On Pin 52.50 Whatsapp Call
    Wash and Dry

    AED 73.50

    Short Straight


    Medium Straight

    AED 120.75

    Long Straight

    AED 120.75

    Add on curl

    AED 52.50

    Add on pin

    AED 52.50

    The Blow Dry Treatment at The Muse is the most effective professional straightening treatment in the world! improves the condition of the hair. In our experience, anyone with damaged or worked hair is a good candidate for blow-drying.

    All in all, our treatment will last 4 to 6 days. More textured hair can multiply the number of days, and better hair may require a little more maintenance to last. Once you start a daily routine, you will find that your hair is too versatile. You can fix your hair and scalp problems with regular maintenance! On the muse. We give you some of the best tips on how to maintain your style between services.