Organic Hair Treatment Ladies Salon | The Muse UAE Boutique SPA
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Organic Hair Treatment

Organic Meni Pedi

Organic Hair Treatment AED
7 Layers Hair Masks 345.00 Whatsapp Call
Herbal Henna-Brown 315.00 Whatsapp Call
Herbal Henna-Black 315.00 Whatsapp Call
Baby Hair Oil 315.00 Whatsapp Call

7 Layers Organic Hair Treatment

The Muse signature organic hair treatment suitable for any type of hair at any age. Gives instant result: smooth and shine, treats scalp problems, improves hair volume and stops hair fall.

Henna Black Organic Hair Treatment

The Muse organic hair treatment that covers white hair. This requires advance booking to prepare the organic products 1 day before for effective results.

Henna Brown Organic Hair Treatment

The Muse organic hair treatment serves as a semi-permanent brown hair colour. It treats weak and damaged hair.

Baby Hair Oil Organic Treatment

The Muse organic hair treatment helps to grow faster baby hair. Stopping the hair fall supports the baby hair to grow stronger.