Hair Rebonding Treatment Ladies Salon | The Muse UAE Boutique SPA
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Rebonding Treatment

Hair rebonding is another term for hair straightening. The first advantage of hair straightening is that the outcomes are permanent. Rebonding of hairs, unlike other treatments, might make it permanently straight. Whether your hair is naturally straight with a tiny curve or wavy, the rebonding treatment will ensure that your hair is straight and silky at the end.

For frizzy or wavy hair, our stylists at The Muse Spa & Salon provide the best permanent hair straightening treatment in the UAE. Do you want to get rid of frizzy hair, cure dry, dull, or damaged hair, or learn how to manage unruly natural curls? Fighting frizz in the heat and humidity can be a frustrating hair problem, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. For your dry or damaged hair, our team of hair experts can provide both permanent and semi-permanent hair straightening in our UAE salon.

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    Rebonding Treatment AED
    Keratin/Botox/Protein Fringe 262.50 Whatsapp Call
    Keratin/Botox/Protein Partial 525.00 Whatsapp Call
    Keratin/Botox/Protein Medium 1653.75 Whatsapp Call
    Keratin/Botox/Protein Long 2205 Whatsapp Call
    Keratin/Botox/Protein Extra Long 2756.25 Whatsapp Call
    Keratin/Botox/Protein XX-Long 3307.50 Whatsapp Call

    Hair rebonding is a permanent straightening procedure that transforms unmanageable, wavy, or even frizzy hair into sleek, glossy strands. The procedure alters the structure of the hair connections, resulting in a professional and long-lasting result. After our professional has treated, rebounded, and washed the hair, it is dried and straightened to preserve a gorgeous straight appearance.

    It’s designed to give you wonderful silky and straight hair that will last between twelve and four months. Although wavy or curly hair can be incredibly appealing, not everyone wants unmanageable hair. If you need to take on an everyday battle to tame, manage your hair with a hair smoothing and straightening treatment that is right for you, a few people prefer the concept of having smooth, complex, straight sparkling hair.

    During your hair smoothing consultation, we’ll assess your hair type and condition, as well as discuss the results you can expect. We can also walk you through the procedure and determine which treatment option is ideal for you.

    What are the benefits of straightening/rebonding hair treatment?

    The procedure is long-lasting, and depending on your hair growth, you may only need retouching every few months. Straightening and rebounding is the most effective and time-saving method for achieving completely straight hair. Provides long-lasting benefits and is a cost-effective long-term maintenance alternative.

    The professional hair products used on the hair help to prevent damage and leave the hair appearing sleek and shining. The treatment gives hair an insatiable sleekness and smoothness, as well as a natural shine.