Hair Removal Services for Woman | The Muse UAE Boutique SPA
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Is it possible for the wax to be relaxing? Even opulent? Yes, we believe so. A good wax, in our opinion, should be quick, painless, and joyful. We accomplish this by employing UAE’s friendliest and most skilled experts. We provide luxurious lounges in which to relax, and we adhere to the highest hygiene standards. There will be no double-dipping!

So you can walk in with confidence and walk out with skin that is sleek, smooth, and beautiful.

The best waxing services in the United Arab Emirates,

All waxing procedures come with a soothing moisturizer to rehydrate and nourish your skin, leaving it silky, smooth, and hair-free.

Our hair removal procedures use dermatologist-tested waxing products that are hypoallergenic and gentle on the skin. Our beauticians are trained in waxing facial and body hair to eliminate unwanted hair and enhance your natural beauty.

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    Waxing AED
    Underarms 42.00 Whatsapp Call
    Chests 45.00 Whatsapp Call
    Half Stomach 52.50 Whatsapp Call
    Half Arms 52.50 Whatsapp Call
    Half Back 73.50 Whatsapp Call
    Full Arms 73.50 Whatsapp Call
    Half Legs 84.00 Whatsapp Call
    Full Stomach 105.00 Whatsapp Call
    Full Back 105.00 Whatsapp Call
    Full Legs 157.50 Whatsapp Call